Weekly Metrics 13/02/21

With the gradual arrival of the Mercury Update we thought it would be interesting to offer you some weekly metrics to see how the platform will evolve over time.

πŸš€ TVL: 5.59M

πŸš€ Holders: 3.14K

πŸš€ SPACE Locked: 1.45M

πŸš€ Percentage SPACE Locked: 76%

πŸš€ Average SPACE Lock Time: 60.13 Weeks

πŸš€ Transactions: 704K

πŸš€ Total Payout: 1.59M$

In addition, here are the metrics of our social networks:

🌐 Twitter: 22.3K

🌐 Telegram: 2.97K

🌐 Discord: 1.63K

🌐 Medium: 2.59K



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