Preparing for the future!

As you know ApeRocket has recently launched its V2 which not only responds to recent security flaws such as flashloan attacks thanks to a block-lock system, but also adds many features that greatly benefit long term holders.

We have been globally satisfied with the transition that went smoothly on the technical side and today almost all funds have been migrated to V2.

On September 30th we activated the minters on V2 and since then, the APY of the SPACE pool keeps growing day after day via the performance fees collected. In approximately 90 days we will reach the peak of the APY offered in this pool, so there is still a long way to go and the rewards will be much more interesting in a while which should attract more investors.

At the moment, 71% of the SPACE tokens are locked. We thank you for your support and trust, it pushes us to continue to innovate and offer new features on the BSC.

Through this article we wanted to make a point on what the team is working on and what is coming soon:

-Boost: many of you have asked us when the Boost is coming. We are finally happy to announce that it will be deployed next week and will allow you to boost your earnings through the different pools. The boost will not only reward the people already invested in the project, but also allow us to present more attractive APYs to attract new people.

-New vaults: as we told you some time ago, our goal is to continuously expand our platform, especially by introducing new vaults that will actively participate in increasing the TVL and therefore generate a better APY/APR in the SPACE pool. Regarding the upcoming vaults, you will know more soon, but they are lending platforms!

-Partnerships: at ApeRocket we believe that it is important and necessary to surround ourselves with quality partners in order to grow together. This is why we will soon introduce a partnership program that will allow selected platforms to have vaults within ApeRocket, or even more. We are already in contact with several potential partners but we must first ensure that they meet the terms of our partner program.

-Vesting: We believe that the current vesting system that requires stakers to vest their SPACE tokens for 90 days after claiming them is a bit too restrictive. That’s why we are currently working on a new system, which, like SPACE locked, would allow people to withdraw their SPACE tokens at any time for a 50% penalty. This penalty would then be redistributed to the people storing xSPACE. This would give you more flexibility while still favoring long term holders.

-Fee Restructuring: We are currently restructuring the fee redistribution so that it will be available more quickly to people staking xSPACE and therefore the APY will peak more quickly.

-Yield tracking: many of you have asked us when you will be able to track your assets via your favorite yield tracker, so we wanted to remind you that various platforms such as DeBank or Pacoca are in the process of integrating us and that it should be ready soon. Moreover we are still planning to develop our own tracking tools allowing you to do everything directly from our platform.

That’s all for today, we hope this overview has brought you some answers and we are looking forward to meeting you on our Discord or Telegram to exchange more details!



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