Monthly Recap 08/04/2022

As usual from now on, we take the opportunity of this monthly recap to look back on what has been accomplished and what is in progress within our team.

Here is what has been accomplished this month:

-Mercury Update: We have continued to add new maximizers that reward native tokens with competitive APYs. We have added:

  • BANANA-BNB — 135%
  • BANANA-BUSD — 145%
  • BUSD-BNB — 86%
  • ETH-BNB — 16%
  • BUSD-USDC — 13%
  • ADA-BNB — 33%
  • BUSD-USDT — 16%

More vaults are in the works and we will keep you posted as they become available!

-DAO: As you know we recently called on our users to vote for the rebranding to YieldRocket and the replacement of SPACE by STAR. We were pleased to see the positive response from the community and the validation of this proposal:

-Metrics: Every week you can always find the statistics of the platform on our Medium at the following address:

-Compensation: The clearing is still in progress and there are still about 30 days left. Of course if you haven’t withdrawn anything yet you can do it later, nothing will be lost:

Here are the topics we are actively working on at the moment:

-Vaults: The addition of new competitive vaults that reward in native tokens.

-Tokenomics: The migration to STAR and eSTAR as well as the implementation of the new tokenomics presented during the voting. This will of course be compatible and in line with what has been introduced by the Mercury update.

-Rebranding: The complete rebranding of ApeRocket to YieldRocket, which will include changes to the UI and graphic design of our site.

-STAR distributor: Still in the works, it had to be redesigned to fit the changes in the STAR/YieldRocket proposal but will be coming soon.

-Zap: The new zap is almost complete and we are very happy with the results. We think it can really be a game changer in DeFi and attract many users to the platform!

That’s it for this month, as you can see a lot of exciting things are coming up and we will continue to work and deliver what has been promised.



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