Monthly Recap 01/03/2022

Starting this month we have decided to give you a monthly summary of what has been accomplished in the past month and what we are working on that will happen soon.

As you know the last few months have been quite complicated for crypto and the recent geopolitical events haven’t helped. We hope that everyone is safe and we hope that everything will be back to normal very soon.

The Mercury update is still in progress and we are actively working on adding new vaults and the SPACE distributor.

Here is what has been accomplished this month:

-Compensation: after so much waiting we finally launched our compensation system. For about a month now, you can claim your clearing tokens in the clearing pool. Your rewards will increase over the course of 90 days (about 60 days left) and you can claim them whenever you want. You can access the pool here:

-DAO: we have recently reformed our Discord so that it works under the organization of a DAO, which allows every motivated member to directly take part in the community and help it by contributing. Multiple quests have been added and carried out by our members. You can for example find translations of our latest articles, graphic realizations or even the treatment of some topics like “What is a DAO?” or “What is Web3? You can find all this directly on our discord:

-Mercury: after having officially deployed the Mercury update last month we have continued to add new vaults, such as the single asset ETH to allow everyone to stake their tokens:

-Metrics: Now every week we publish a summary of ApeRocket’s stats, from the number of holders to our twitter followers. You can find these articles on our Medium:

-Community: after many requests we finally opened a Turkish telegram available here:

Beyond these accomplishments, we have continued to work in the background on various topics as follows:

-Tokenomics: we are reworking the SPACE tokenomics, as you know the token will become much rarer very soon because its emission will be drastically reduced. But we have other plans to increase its rarity even more!

-Vaults: more vaults are coming soon, we’ve heard that some of you want to see a BSW vault!

-Distributor: The SPACE distributor is well on its way and should be released soon. We still have some work to do on it but we will keep you posted on our progress.

-Zap: Finally, the zap will have a new version that will allow you to trade any tokens and the system will be automatically choosing the best swap platform even if you have to split the trade on several platforms!

-Identity: We are currently reworking the image of ApeRocket so that it can redefine itself and exist as a whole. We will be rebranding very soon and here is a graphic preview.



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