Introducing MilkyWay (🌌,🌌)

Hello aspiring cosmonauts !

It’s finally time to reveal what the team has been working on for the last few months! We are very excited about this announcement and we hope you like it!

After the release of V2 of our platform, we’ve been thinking about a way to expand our ecosystem and offer something innovative while staying with the current trends of the DeFI. Our goal is to expand our horizons, reach a wider audience, and offer our own vision for the future of ApeRocket.

So, we are finally pleased to unveil our new product on the BSC, called “MilkyWay”!

Some may have guessed it from the teasers, but with MilkyWay it’s a new adventure that begins with countless planets to explore in our beloved galaxy.

The concept of Milkyway, is to be able to propose a revisit of a fork of Olympus DAO by adding our knowledge and our ideas. Indeed, with Milkyway we will introduce our own AMM, because we think that it is the best way for us to really take off and ensure a long term vision for our project. We are convinced that this decision will benefit both the project and its users and will give us a good basis to continue building the future of ApeRocket together. As you can see, we want to become fully autonomous and we are counting on your support to create a new and unique experience on the BSC but also on other blockchains.

What is Olympus DAO and how does it work?

If you haven’t heard of Olympus DAO before, it is a decentralized, community-owned financial infrastructure to bring more stability and transparency to the world.

The principle of the system works on 3 major pillars, namely:




Which are reported in the matrix (3,3) below:

If you are all probably familiar with the staking part, the bonds are a small revolution in the DeFi world. Indeed, they allow you to buy tokens at preferential prices but which will be vested during 5 days. With this mechanism, the protocol ensures to be able to collect liquidity without impacting too much its price because the release is done in a progressive way. In order to ensure maximum return, staking and bonding are two essential means to generate unbelievable APYs.

The new platform is scheduled to be released soon and our developers are working on it full time. We will give you more information about the project soon.

There will be a presale in which you can participate if you are whitelisted. The conditions to be whitelisted will be revealed this week. Regarding the presale, it is important to understand that MilkyWay will work as an independent entity but will be attached to the parent platform, so we need to raise liquidities to launch and support this new product.

Oh and one last thing, I heard you are bullish about NFTs👀

We’re very excited about this, and we hope you’ll be as excited as we are!

See you very (very) soon!



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