ApeRocket’s DAO

Hello everyone,

As you know, recently the Mercury update of ApeRocket has been approved almost unanimously by the community, which makes it our biggest project today and our spearhead for the coming months.

We are very pleasantly surprised by your enthusiasm and encouragement for this new adventure, and we are more than happy to see the community supporting us in a common project.

We truly believe that the community has played a major role in the evolution of ApeRocket since its inception, and that is why we want to strengthen this unique bond between us.

You may have noticed that recently the activity on our Discord has slowed down a bit. In fact we were working on a restructuring of it to make it more interactive and let the community express its talent.

In other words, very soon we will transform the current Discord into a real exchange place similar to a DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization). Through this new system, we will be able to entrust the community with tasks and allow them to participate fully and actively in the success of ApeRocket. Whether it be through local language translations, presentation videos, artworks or strategic planning… Everything will be available to you in order to form the best possible project.

During each task, called quest, you will earn points according to the validation or not of this last one by supervisors, and once a certain threshold is reached you will unlock corresponding roles allowing you to rise in the hierarchy of the DAO.

The goal is not to get a grindfest, but to discover new talent and propose them to collaborate directly with us in various fields, from marketing to development, all the way to community management. No need for a CV, only your actions will reflect your skills.

The first role to come is that of OG. It will be granted to all the people currently present on the Discord to thank them for their support since the very beginning. This role will unlock access to some specific events, like a giveaway especially for OGs.

As we believe that all work deserves to be rewarded, a fund will be set up to support the DAO financially, this fund will be invested in various projects according to the decisions of the DAO and the dividends created will be used to pay the contributors. We will explain all this in detail later.

The ultimate goal of this operation is to bring together a united, self-sufficient community that can be one with ApeRocket. We really want to give meaning to the project through the skills of each of you.

The launch of the operations is planned in the next few days while we set up the corresponding bots and clean up the current Discord a bit.

We hope you’ll be as excited as we are about this new direction and we’re looking forward to seeing you soon.



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