ApeRocket Newsletter #1, 8th November, 2021

Hey Ape fam!

This is the second edition of your weekly ApeRocket news report.

Today we are going to focus on the features that are still under development and that will soon be available on the platform!

Regarding our progress this week, our developers have been working on the preparation of new features and new vaults that will be released soon.

We are pleased to announce that the platform is doing quite well and is attracting more and more users every day. We have almost reached 30M TVL at the moment which is a big step forward compared to 2 weeks ago. The price of SPACE is going up remarkably and we will continue to build on this good momentum in order to return all the love and support that you have for us!

So for this week here is what we will be focusing on:

  • Moving forward on the SPACE boost system which will consist in boosting the APY of your pools by locking SPACE. So the more SPACE I have locked and the longer the lock period the bigger my boost bonus will be and I will be able to enjoy even more crazy APY on Banana, Cake, BSW…. We think this is a simple and effective way to get people to lock their SPACEs while keeping our original line of action, which is to reward long term holders rightly.
  • During this week we should be able to fix the few problems with the BSW and eventually SING vaults (depending on the progress), so you should see a big pump of your rewards in those vaults. We are still sorry for the inconvenience.
  • Tomorrow we will be announcing another giveaway to thank the community for sticking together until the end, we will provide you with all the details very soon but I hope you have some SPACE locked!
  • At the end of the week another giveaway will take place, this one will be a bit more special as it will involve NFTs. So no, we are not getting into NFTs yet but this giveaway will be done/held in collaboration with another platform that you know well and certainly appreciate! We are still working on the final details, so the date might change depending on the progress.
  • Regarding marketing, we are currently in discussions with a large DAPP company and are close to signing an agreement. Once it is official we will let you know!
  • The Muatitive. audit report should be published this week or the next, as always we will keep you informed as soon as we know more!

That’s it for this week! As usual feel free to drop by the discord channel or telegram we are always available to answer your questions!

See you next week!




DeFi yield farming aggregator and optimizer for Binance Smart Chain

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DeFi yield farming aggregator and optimizer for Binance Smart Chain

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