ApeRocket Newsletter #1, 22nd November, 2021

Hello Ape fam!

As usual from now on, we meet again this Monday to review the situation and the projects currently in the backlog!

Before we get to the main part of this newsletter, you may have noticed that the crypto world is moving quite a bit these days and that BTC has managed to break its ATH again before falling back to its previous 55/58K rang. The next few weeks look very promising though and we are convinced that ApeRocket will be able to benefit from this momentum in order to reach new milestones and gain more traction. In short, we look forward to being there with you!

About the news on ApeRocket:

· The dev team has made good progress on the Boost and it is the next feature that should be released. We are currently in the last phase of development, and we plan to release a small summary article to explain in detail with concrete cases how it works (even if the principle is quite simple to understand). So, expect to learn more soon.

· We had a giveaway last week for xSPACE holders and a lot of you liked this event. We are very happy to organize this kind of event because we know that they rightly reward people who have really invested and supported our platform.

· A second special giveaway took place last Saturday in collaboration with BabyBanana. The giveaway is now over, and we will send the rewards this week. This giveaway allowed you to win a very cool NFT that will allow you to boost your SPACE earnings in some of BabyBanana’s farms.

· As I told you last week we were about to promote ApeRocket to a big platform and gain visibility. The deal has now been signed and you can now notice on DappRadar a banner promoting our platform 😊

· But the marketing doesn’t stop there as we are currently exploring several avenues to promote the project, including a YouTube influencer. Nothing is done yet on this side, but you will surely learn more next week 😉

· Last but not least, we have just published the Mutative audit report on our gitbook, head over here if you want to take a look!


Anyway, that’s it for this week. A lot of things are waiting for us and this is only the beginning of the adventure. I wish you all a good week and I’m looking forward to seeing you soon!



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